1966 Corvette Sting Ray Convertible

“It’s one of the hottest performing, best handling, most comfortable sports cars on the market, and some think it’s one of the best looking as well.” —Motor Trend

Enter to Win this Rare, Big-Block Corvette Sting Ray Convertible

Enter today with your donation and you’ll be one step closer to putting this fully restored 1966 Corvette Sting Ray convertible in your garage. It’s one of the very few big-block, four-speed, air-conditioned-equipped Corvettes built in the 1960s and now this restored-to-original condition Sting Ray can be yours.

With its traffic-stopping great looks and jaw-dropping frame-off restoration, you will love this fully restored Sting Ray convertible as much as we do.

This is the classic Corvette that will make your lifelong dream of owning a mid-year ’Vette come true.

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Hey, Good Looking

Bathed in a factory-correct Ermine White exterior, contrasting Navy Blue cockpit and white convertible top, this grand-prize Corvette Sting Ray convertible looks just like it did the day it was delivered to the Welch Motor Company dealership showroom floor in Raymondville, Texas, the gateway to the Rio Grande Valley, in December 1965.

No expense was spared in making this classic Corvette convertible one of the finest stock-restored Sting Rays in the country today. It features a concours restoration on par with the award-winning Corvettes you’d find at a National Corvette Restorers Society national meet.

You know you want to put this legendary, high-performance American sports car in your garage, so enter now.

Big Block, 4-Speed and Air Conditioning? Yes Way!

In the fall of 1965, word spread quickly of a new high-performance Chevrolet that would quickly become a street legend — the 427ci Corvette Sting Ray. Can you imagine the excitement of the original owner when he sat down at the dealership and special ordered this incredible midyear Sting Ray convertible with the new, stump-pulling L36 427ci/390hp engine?

This mid-year Corvette roadster’s original owner didn’t stop here. He also loaded up his new Sting Ray with the best factory options, cost being no object, including a four-speed manual transmission for the ultimate in classic Corvette F-U-N, factory air conditioning (very rare on a big-block Corvette and even more rare on a big-block convertible!), auxiliary (removable) white hard top, teak steering wheel and cast aluminum wheels. You can see the entire list of this 1966 Corvette convertible’s factory options when you scroll down this page.

So, how much did this grand-prize 1966 Corvette Sting Ray convertible cost new? To answer that important question, we added up the base price and all of its factory options. Are you ready for this? It retailed for over $5,000 new. We call that a fully optioned, midyear big-block Corvette of the highest magnitude and now it can be yours when you help out eight great charities with your donation to win today.

Everybody Loves Options and So Does This Classic Sting Ray

This 1966 Corvette Sting Ray big-block convertible includes the following extra-cost factory options:
• 4 BBL 427ci manual engine (a $181.20 extra cost)
• 4-speed manual transmission (a $184.35 extra cost)
• Soft Ray tinted glass, all windows (a $15.80 extra cost)
• Auxiliary hardtop (a $231.75 extra cost)
• Air conditioning (a $412.90 extra cost)
• Positraction rear axle (a $42.15 extra cost)
• Power brakes (a $42.15 extra cost)
• Power steering (a $94.80 extra cost)
• Transistor ignition system (a $47.40 extra cost)
• Teakwood steering wheel (a $21.06 extra cost)
• Differential, Safe-T-Track-Heavy Duty (a $63.19 extra cost)
• Cast aluminum knock-off wheels (a $316.00 extra cost)
• AM/FM radio with power antenna (a $199.10 extra cost)

Enter to win the Classic Corvette Dream Giveaway and you will be in the running for this time capsule, concours-restored 1966 Corvette Sting Ray convertible. Plus, we’ll pay $30,000 toward the taxes.

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