2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye

“For 2019 we're going to do a Redeye. It's a Hellcat that's been possessed by a Demon!” —Steve Beahm, head of Passenger Car Brands-Dodge

Today is the Very Last Day to Win Big Daddy Don Garlits’ Personalized 1,000-Horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye

The hottest muscle car the car magazines have been raving about is the Dodge Challenger Hellcat “Extreme Redeye.” It’s the ultimate brand-new Hemi street machine with a ground-pounding 1,000 horsepower on 93-octane pump gas.

Take drag-racing legend Don Garlits’ word for it, this fully street-legal muscle car will not be sold at dealers. If you want it, you have to win it in the Hellcat Dream Giveaway powered by Magnuson Superchargers.

You Only Have Until Midnight on March 31 to Enter

When Dream Giveaway Garage set out to launch this new giveaway, we turned to the biggest name in drag racing, Big Daddy Don Garlits. Garlits—America’s favorite drag racer for over 60 years—personally evaluated and tested the classic Dodge Challenger, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Dream Giveaway’s Dodge Challenger HellScat and last year’s track-only Dodge Demon.

Garlits’ mission: to help Dream Giveaway handpick the ultimate Dodge Challenger Hellcat. The result is the actual 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye that you see right here.

Mr. Garlits wanted to put this Dodge Hellcat in his personal collection at the Museum of Drag Racing in Ocala, Florida, but we talked him into letting us give it away to one lucky winner. That’s right, now you can bring home this one-of-one Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody, which Garlits personally autographed. Plus you’ll have a chance to meet him in person.

Sweepstakes Ends Tonight at Midnight (EDT). Enter Now

When the Dodge Hellcat cars—a two-door Challenger and a four-door Charger—were released onto the streets five years ago, no other vehicles in America came close. With 707 horsepower through a supercharged HEMI V-8 powerplant, the Hellcat ushered in a brand-new era for the muscle car.

For 2019, Dodge introduces a street-friendly variant of last year’s Dodge Demon. They call it the Redeye — a 797-horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat guaranteed to be a kick in the pants. Unlike the Dodge Demon, which was a one-year track-only machine, the Redeye is tuned for the street. That means you can drive it to the grocery store and take the grandkids to school. But look out for its split personality. Unleash its Hellcat power, and you’ll experience the seat-of-your-pants excitement previously reserved for the nation’s top NHRA drag racers.

So are you ready to put this Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye with “Extreme Redeye” customization in your garage? Keep reading to learn more.

You Only Have a Few Hours Left to Win this "Extreme Redeye" Hellcat — A Follow-up to the World’s Only Hellcat X

The Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody with “Extreme Redeye” customization is unlike any Challenger you have ever seen. It is painted White Knuckle, an obvious homage to the classic 1970 Challenger that “Big Daddy” Don Garlits evaluated back in 1970 and the classic 1971 Challenger in the classic film, “Vanishing Point.”

The Extreme Redeye package starts with a mule’s kick under the hood, courtesy of a specially selected Magnuson Vengeance supercharger. This OE-replacement supercharger system is designed to deliver maximum performance while retaining factory-like drivability and reliability!

Horsepower? Let’s say it together. O-N-E--T-H-O-U-S-A-N-D on 93-octane pump gas.

To match its performance, the Extreme Redeye customization includes a not-so-subtle graphics treatment, including Hellcat imagery along its sides; blacked-out, dual-snorkel factory hood, roof and decklid; and red-illuminated Redeye and SRT Hellcat emblems, hood inserts and headlights.

To throw a dash of retro into the mix, the Extreme Redeye customization also includes a throwback Hurst Pistol Grip automatic shifter, specially selected floor mats and Hurst exhaust tips, all courtesy of the Dodge performance experts at GSS Supercar.

And if all that was not enough to get you to fall in love, this ’Cat includes a carbon-fiber front splitter, side rocker extensions, rear diffuser and rear spoiler, courtesy of APR Performance; custom door sills, door panel inserts and engine dress up kit by American Car Craft and performance tuning from VMP Performance.

You've Got to Ask Yourself One Question: "Is It Fast Enough For You?"

Horsepower fans, listen up. Are you ready to be the most-envied Mopar collector on earth? The original Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat set records as the most powerful muscle car in history. This year, Dodge makes the Hellcat even fiercer with the 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye.

The Don Garlits’ Dodge Challenger Hellcat “Extreme Redeye” is a whole lot more than a great-looking grand prize. It is capable of 0-60-mph acceleration in barely over 3 seconds, a quarter-mile E.T. of approaching 10 seconds flat and a top speed of 203-plus mph. Later this summer, we will report more on this when the legendary Big Daddy Don Garlits unleashes this Extreme Redeye muscle car for a magazine story.

Make no doubt about it. This incredible Hellcat is the ultimate Dodge muscle car and you can be confident it will go down in history like the legendary Hemi-powered Dodges of the 1960s.

Big Daddy Don Garlits says, “Go for It!”

Big Daddy Don Garlits has set more records in Dodge vehicles than any other drag racer in history. Now you can take advantage of Mr. Garlits’ years of experience when you enter to win this 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye . If you’re the winner, you’ll score the ultimate king-of-the-streets muscle car and a once-in-a-lifetime meet-and-greet experience with the King of Drag Racing. Plus we’ll pay $20,000 for the taxes.

Enter to win now.

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