Museum Quality 427ci/425hp 1966 Impala Sport Coupe

“This is as close as you can get to going back in time and owning a brand-new 1966 L72 Impala.”— Encyclopedia of Muscle Cars author Jim Campisano

Enter to Win Chevrolet’s King of the Muscle Cars, circa 1966

Chevrolet introduced an incredible muscle machine to dealers in 1966—the 427ci/425hp Impala Sport Coupe. It hit the streets two years after the birth of the muscle-car era—a time of high performance, high compression and no emissions controls.

Only 1,858 B-body Chevys received the legendary L72 427ci/425hp big-block engine in 1966. Today, the few L72 1966 Impala Sport Coupes that remain are a throwback to the days when the phrase, “There’s no replacement for displacement,” was the solemn rule of the street.

Enter now to win one of the rarest Chevy muscle machines ever made.

Factory Big Block. 4-Speed. Positraction. That Says it All.

You can count on Dream Giveaway for the coolest and cleanest classic muscle cars for you to win. This incredible king of the muscle cars, circa 1966, is no exception. It features everything you’d want in a muscle car, including a solid-lifter big-block engine, four-speed floor-shifted Muncie manual transmission and Positraction.

This grand-prize 1966 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe features the big-daddy of factory big-blocks, the high-performance L72 427ci/425hp motor, which includes rectangular-port cylinder heads, an aluminum intake manifold, factory headers, a 780-cfm Holley carburetor, a heavy duty, four-core radiator and a special 7,000-rpm tachometer. Here’s even more great news – all of these major components are numbers matching to this grand-prize Chevy Impala.

Restoration, Awards and Accolades

This “time capsule” 427ci/425hp Impala Sport Coupe features factory-correct Regal Red exterior paint, a perfectly detailed engine bay, and an original-style Red cloth seat interior complete with a Comfortilt steering wheel and factory AM/FM radio.

This is a no-expense-spared frame-off restoration that you’ll be honored to put in your garage. Enter now. Children’s and veterans’ charities are counting on you.

Collector-Grade Verified with Indisputable Provenance

This pavement-pounding 427ci/425hp 1966 Impala Sport Coupe retains its original window sticker and comes with extensive documentation of its engine restoration and photographs of its numbers-matching components.

It was featured in no less than four major car-enthusiast magazine dedicated to Chevy muscle cars, including Super Chevy, Muscle Car Review, Chevy Rumble and Muscle Car Enthusiast.

Holy Moly! You Can Bring Home a Holy Grail

This grand-prize 427ci/425hp Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe was special-ordered at Batie Chevrolet in Carnegie, PA, and built at Chevrolet’s Atlanta factory in January 1966. It includes the following high-performance factory options, many of which were only available by special order:

• 4 BBL 427ci manual engine (a $444.38 extra cost)
• 4-speed manual transmission (a $230.03 extra cost)
• Soft Ray tinted glass, all windows (a $36.60 extra cost)
• Positraction rear axle (a $41.82 extra cost)
• Metallic brakes (a $36.60 extra cost)
• 42 amp generator (a $10.46 extra cost)
• Comfortilt steering wheel (a $41.82 extra cost)
• AM/FM radio with power antenna (a $132.79 extra cost)
• Heavy duty battery (a $7.32 extra cost)
• Special suspension EQ (a $31.37 extra cost)
• Deluxe front/rear seat belts (a $10.46 extra cost)

When you enter to win the Impala Dream Giveaway, you’ll be in the running for this “time-capsule” 1966 427 Impala Sport Coupe. Plus, we’ll pay $10,000 toward the taxes.

Museum Quality 427ci/425hp 1966 Impala Sport Coupe Museum Quality 427ci/425hp 1966 Impala Sport Coupe Museum Quality 427ci/425hp 1966 Impala Sport Coupe Museum Quality 427ci/425hp 1966 Impala Sport Coupe Museum Quality 427ci/425hp 1966 Impala Sport Coupe Museum Quality 427ci/425hp 1966 Impala Sport Coupe