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Partner Accessories

Thanks to our great friends at Napier, Live Watersports and Rinsekit, the 2022 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X winner will also take home these great outdoor accessories.

Offroad Truck Dream Giveaway For over 30 years, Napier has been reshaping and merging the automotive and camping industries together. Napier is the world leader in vehicle camping tents, working as a trusted partner with auto manufacturers and clients across North America. Napier is known for innovative designs and superior quality. Designed to be compact and versatile, Napier vehicle tents are the perfect travel accessory for any adventure seeker.

Sportz Truck Tent

Welcome to camping, reinvented. Forget worrying about finding the perfect spot, setup camp anywhere under the stars right in your pickup. With a large front door, nearly 6ft of head room, rear access window, full tent floor, and an extendable awning, everything about the Sportz Series says premium. With a simple 15 minute setup and included rainfly, you’ll be ready to take on any adventure, regardless of the conditions.

Sportz Link

Get even more out of your camping experience with the Sportz Link attachment tent – a buddy for any Napier Truck Tent! The Sportz Link is easy to set up, simple to attach, and adds extra fun to your camping adventure. With the additional space it provides, include up to 4 more campers, or use it for dining, lounging, or storing. The Sportz Link will help you create your ultimate camping oasis.

Offroad Truck Dream Giveaway

L2Fish Paddle Board

The breakthrough design of the L2Fish allows paddlers to enjoy the most demanding stand-up paddle activities from fishing, to hunting, windsurfing, yoga, and even camping. Utilizing a catamaran style hull and hollow core construction, the L2Fish maximizes buoyancy and greatly reduces the weight to volume ratio. The large tunnel in the hull minimizes the surface area on the water, allowing the L2Fish to slice through the water with speed to rival many racing boards on the market today.

Partner Accessories

3.5 Gallon RinseKit PRO Portable Shower

RinseKit is the original portable shower company, as seen on Shark Tank. We make high quality portable showers suitable for every adventure.

RinseKit PRO Portable Shower features pressurized water at the push of a button! No hose adapters or pumps are required. It has a 3.5-gallon capacity for longer showers and spray times (up to 6:00 continuously) and superior pressurization for a continuous spray at 50 psi.

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