Futura Pro Car Trailer

“Futura Trailers offer quality designer trailers built with your lifestyle in mind. We don't build ordinary trailers; we design and create trailers fit for purpose. Trailers which are simple to use but not simple to create. We don't copy, we innovate and improve, utilizing our knowledge of trailer building passed down since 1956."—Glen Reid, Founder, Futura Trailers

Win a Top of the Line Futura Pro Car Trailer

Enter and win and you’ll also bring home a 2019 Futura Trailers Tandem Axle Pro Low Loader, the world’s ultimate car trailer courtesy of Futura Trailers and Complete Trailers of Texas.

Designed with a super long 19’8” deck, the Futura Trailer Pro Low Loader is ideal for motorsports applications and large vehicles. It is perfect for the Show and Tow Dream Giveaway’s grand-prize Plymouth AAR ’Cuda.

Constructed from the highest quality 6005 anodized aluminum, Futura Trailers are super lightweight, exceptionally strong and continue to look good throughout their lifetime. You no longer need a big tow vehicle when this versatile trailer can be towed easily by a SUV, light pick-up, or even a car! Forget the awkward ramps, heavy steel trailers, and precious time wasted loading your valuable cargo. Futura Trailers are engineered to be effortless.

Futura Trailers make moving your classic car or other valuable vehicle safe, easy and fast. Loading and unloading your vehicle couldn’t be quicker or easier with a Futura Tandem Axle Pro Low Loader. Simply lower the trailer directly to the ground and drive your 1970 ’AAR ’Cuda (or any other vehicle) on, all at the touch of a button, even while the trailer isn't connected to a tow vehicle.

This Ultimate Futura Pro Low Load Car Trailer is Packed with Features

Packed with features, the Futura Trailer Tandem Axle Pro Low Loader means there is no easier way to take your AAR ’Cuda and RAM Power Wagon on the road together. This ultimate car trailer features a 5,534 lb. load capacity, electric brakes, LED lighting, alloy wheels, interlocked aluminum decking, continuous tie rails, concealed fixings and wiring, 316 Stainless steel rigging, CNC machined precision built chassis, low line Snap-on 2 5/16” coupling and dual rated safety cables.

Engineered to be effortless, the high-tech components of the Futura Tandem Axle Pro Low Loader include an almost indestructible thermoplastic stone guard and a laser-cut extruded aluminum tire rack. These accessories are all selected for their excellent debris resistance and durability to keep you looking great on the road.

We will fly one lucky winner to Clearwater, Florida, to accept the 1970 Plymouth AAR ’Cuda, the 2019 Ram Power Wagon, the Futura Pro 19.8-foot car trailer and $45,000 for taxes. Enter now.

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Futura Pro Car Trailer

Imagine if your trailer was as finely tuned as your car. Loading a prized asset on a traditional trailer is time consuming, dangerous and difficult. It places both the owner and the car at risk. Futura Trailers make loading a car safe, easy and fast. Futura Trailers make you and your car look good, lowering to the ground at the touch of a button so you can drive straight on. Constructed of the highest quality 6005 anodized aluminum, Futura Trailers are super light weight, exceptionally strong, and look good throughout their life time. Simply the best trailer for people who care about their time, their car, and their appearance. For more information on owning your own Futura Trailer, visit www.futuratrailers.com.

Futura Pro Car Trailer

At Complete Trailers our top priority is getting you the trailer you need, when you want it and at a competitive price. With years of experience in standard and custom built trailers, we know the industry like nobody's business! High end race trailers, job site, motorsport trailers and more, we've got the right trailer for you. We offer competitive nationwide shipping rates or you can pickup at one of our 4 pickup locations. For your best deal on your next car trailer, visit us at www,completetrailers.com

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