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Super Bee

“This is the new 440 Magnum V8-powered Dodge Super Bee Six Pack. With? A fiberglass scoop so mean-looking it will scare you. And a hood you take off, held down by four NASCAR hood pins. ’Nuff said?”— Dodge (1969)

Enter to Win the Legendary 1969½ Dodge Super Bee

Are you ready to put a rare, fully restored Dodge muscle car in your garage? Meet our newest grand-prize, a 1969 ½ Dodge Super Bee, an old-school big-block Mopar muscle car so menacing that it was only available for half a model year. When you help out eight great charities today, you’ll be one giant step closer to putting this incredible grand-prize Dodge Super Bee in your garage. Plus if you’re the winner, we’ll pay $15,000 for the taxes. Keep reading to learn more.

Lift-Off with this “Lift-Off” Hood Super Bee — 1 of 153 Made

Hot from the hive mid-year 1969, the “Lift-Off” hood Super Bees, also known as code A12 Super Bees, were Dodge’s directive for those who desired a lightweight mid-size muscle car, which could beat the heavier 426 Hemi (and nearly everything else from Detroit!) from streetlight to streetlight.

Only 1,907 “Lift-Off” hood 1969½ Super Bees were produced in two body styles: a pillarless hardtop (more common) and a pillared coupe (lighter and less common).

This grand-prize Super Bee is the rarest of the versions produced —1 of 153 in the pillared coupe body style with the optional three-speed automatic transmission. It is also one of the lowest-mile examples known to exist with a documented 27,000 miles on the odometer!

When you enter the Super Bee Dream Giveaway, you’ll be in the running for this fully restored 1969½ Dodge Super Bee.

Veterans’ and children’s charities are counting on you. Enter now.

This 440/Six-Pack Super Bee Can Be Yours … All Yours

All 1969½ Dodge Super Bees included a 440-6 big-block engine rated at 390 horsepower, three Holley carburetors outputting 1,350-cfm, an Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold and a heavy-duty four-core radiator. Plus, they all included a 4.10 ratio, 9 ¾ Dana axle with Sure Grip differential. G70x15 Polyglas tires on 6” wheels.

For an original sticker price under $4,000, Dodge’s street-scorching 1969½ Super Bee made high performance affordable for the masses.

Today, the 1969½ Dodge Super Bee is one of the hottest classic muscle cars in the collector-car hobby. If you’re ready to make this incredible 1969½ Dodge Super Bee your pride and joy, then enter now.

The Fastest Path Between Two Points is a Straight Line

The 1969 ½ Dodge Super Bee was built to go fast in a straight line, which made it popular with street racers and weekend drag racers.

This grand-prize 1969½ Dodge Super Bee’s list of factory options includes:
• 440 Six-Pack engine package with Lift-Off hood (a $462.80 extra cost)
• 3-speed automatic Torque Flite transmission (a $39.30 extra cost)
• Sure Grip Differential (a $42.35 extra cost)
• Windshield Wipers (a $5.40 extra cost)
• Cooling package (a $10.80 extra cost)
• Torque Drive Fan (a $14.45 extra cost)
• AM radio (a $61.55 extra cost)
• Police handling package (a $28.70 extra cost)

This is the first time Dream Giveaway has given fans a chance to win a Super Bee and this grand-prize is one of the most incredible Super Bees ever produced. Don’t miss this limited-time offer to get your entries!

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