Tri-Power 1965 GTO Details

“The GTO offers performance with a capital P. Not only did it have gobs of brute horsepower, but it looked well built and had a luxurious, comfortable, all-vinyl interior. In addition, it rode and handled as a high-performance car should. Everything about the GTO had that just-right feeling.” Motor Trend

Enter to win America’s Original Muscle Car - a Tri-Power 1965 Pontiac GTO Convertible

What Detroit mid-size coupe started the muscle-car era? The Pontiac GTO, of course.

In the fall of 1963, when Pontiac engineers dropped a 389ci V-8 engine into a two-door LeMans and introduced the tire-screeching GTO, they had no idea that it would create—almost overnight—the muscle-car mania that embraced a generation. So, to celebrate the timeless legacy of the tameless GTO, we have a wonderful example for you to win.

Cue the music: “Little GTO. You’re really lookin’ fine. Three deuces and a four-speed. And a three-eighty-nine!” Keep reading to learn more about this grand-prize muscle car.

Rotisserie Restored in its “Born With” Color of Montero Red

Make a donation today to help veterans and children, and you are one giant step closer to enjoying life to its fullest in this classic Pontiac GTO convertible from the marque’s magnificent glory days.

Born in April 1964 at the General Motors plant in Kansas City, this Tri-Power 1965 GTO convertible rolled off the assembly line in Montero Red paint with a red interior and a white convertible top. Whoever ordered it wanted the world to know they had the coolest convertible in town.

And now you can have the coolest classic muscle car convertible in town, too.

Only 11,311 1965 GTO convertibles were built and it is estimated that one out every four GTOs came with the Tri-Power engine.

If you’re ready to put this rare, rotisserie-restored Tri-Power 1965 GTO convertible in your garage, then enter now.

The Fun of a Stick-Shift Tri-Power GTO is Just One Lucky Ticket Away

This incredible Tri-Power 1965 Pontiac GTO convertible was special ordered with the speed equipment that made the GTO the swinging sensation of the Sixties. It includes a 360-hp 389ci V-8 with three 2-bbl carburetors, a fun-shifting four-speed Muncie manual transmission and an asphalt-taming Safe-T-Track limited-slip rear end.

One twist of the key in the ignition fires up the classic 3/2-bbl V-8 motor, which sounds as healthy now as the day it was new. Drop that clutch, hit the gas, launch in First gear and watch the Saf-T-Track limited-slip differential light up both rear tires and launch this classic muscle car with authority.

This GTO’s complete list of factory preferences and options includes:
• 389ci Tri-Power V-8 engine
• M20 wide-ratio 4-speed manual transmission
• Heavy-duty suspension
• Saf-T-Track rear axle
• Quick steering 20:1 ratio
• Rear mount antenna
• Wood grain steering wheel
• Rally gauge cluster and tachometer
• Console
• AM radio
• Lamp group
• Dual speed wipers
• Inside tilt mirror
• Outside mirror
• Seat belts
• Soft Ray glass

When you enter to win the GTO Dream Giveaway, you’ll be in the running for this Tri-Power 1965 Pontiac GTO convertible. Plus, we’ll pay $25,000 toward the taxes.

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Tri-Power 1965 GTO Details Tri-Power 1965 GTO Details Tri-Power 1965 GTO Details Tri-Power 1965 GTO Details Tri-Power 1965 GTO Details Tri-Power 1965 GTO Details