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Learn more About this Restomod 1965 Sting Ray Restomod
Learn more About this Restomod 1965 Sting Ray Restomod
Learn more About this Restomod 1965 Sting Ray Restomod
Learn more About this Restomod 1965 Sting Ray Restomod

Hear the power of the 495hp Chevrolet Performance 376ci fuel-injected V-8!

Win this Restomod 1965 Corvette Sting Ray Convertible

There’s kinda cool. Then there’s totally cool. We think you’ll agree with us that a classic ’65 Corvette restomod in your driveway would be totally cool.

That’s why our new Classic Corvette giveaway features this drop-dead-gorgeous 1965 Sting Ray convertible for you to win. This outstanding restomod midyear ’Vette boasts the very best features, thanks to a jaw-dropping $100,000+ restoration.

It's all about having the muscle car you’ve been dreaming about your whole life, right? Let us help you out. Picture yourself cruising in this C2 Corvette Sting Ray convertible, powered by a 495-horsepower Chevrolet Performance 376ci fuel-injected V-8. Shift gears effortlessly with the Silver Sport Transmission five-speed manual gearbox, and enjoy a comfortable ride with Vintage Air and a hand-stitched leather interior. With two tops included, you can adapt to any weather condition. Fun with no limitations. That’s right!

This Corvette Sting Ray is a fresh restoration completed last year. As you’d expect from our grand-prizes, it is in immaculate showroom condition.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to make this lil’ red Corvette restomod yours.

Remember, we will also pay out $21,500 for the prize taxes if you’re the winner. Enter now.

Classic Beauty Meets Modern Power

What are restomod Corvettes? They are modified versions of classic Chevrolet Corvettes that combine the iconic design and style of the original models with modern performance, technology, and amenities. The term "restomod" is a combination of "restoration" and "modification," reflecting the approach of preserving the car's vintage aesthetic while upgrading its components for enhanced performance and comfort.

Restomod Corvettes offer a blend of classic styling and modern performance, combining the nostalgic appeal of vintage Corvettes with the reliability, power, and conveniences of contemporary vehicles. These modified Corvettes cater to enthusiasts who desire a classic appearance with the added benefits of modern technology and performance capabilities.

Good looking? Heck, yes! Its curves are pure classic!

Easy to drive? That’s an affirmative, too. This restomod midyear Sting Ray handles like a dream. With enhanced engine, transmission, air conditioning, suspension, brakes, interior, and electronics, it's as effortless and comfortable as your late-model driver.

Having your name on the title of one of the nicest restomod Corvette convertibles the world has ever seen has never been easier. Enter now to put this 1965 Corvette convertible in your garage (if you’re the winner). Plus, we’ll pay out $21,500 for the prize taxes. Veterans and children’s charities are counting on you. Enter now.