1963 Sting Ray Details

Win this 1963 Corvette Sting Ray Convertible Restomod

What if you could drive a 1963 Corvette every day? No fouled plugs. No flooded carburetor bowls. One turn of the key and vroom, vroom, vroom just like a modern car. Make that dream come true in our all-new Corvette Dream Giveaway. One lucky ticket and you could be opening your garage door to the spectacular sight of a 1963 Corvette restomod loaded with power, luxury, and, of course, timeless beauty.

As you’d expect from our grand-prizes, this 1963 Corvette Sting Ray is in immaculate showroom condition on par with the high-dollar restomods you see crossing the Barrett-Jackson auction block.

What is a Restomod Corvette?

They are modified versions of classic Chevrolet Corvettes that combine the iconic design and style of the original models with modern performance, technology, and amenities. The term "restomod" is a combination of "restoration" and "modification," reflecting the approach of preserving the car's vintage aesthetic while upgrading its components for enhanced performance and comfort.

Restomod Corvettes offer a blend of classic styling and modern performance, combining the nostalgic appeal of vintage Corvettes with the reliability, power, and conveniences of contemporary vehicles. These modified Corvettes cater to enthusiasts who desire a classic appearance with the added benefits of modern technology and performance capabilities.

Keep reading to learn more about this drop-dead gorgeous 1963 Corvette Sting Ray and remember, having the winning ticket means you’ll win two Corvettes – this restomod and a matching 2024 Corvette Stingray.

LS Power V-8 - Tremec Five-Speed

Thanks to Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center and Chevrolet Performance, this ’63 Corvette Sting Ray features a brand-new 6.2L LS3 V-8 engine pumping out nearly 500 horsepower. You won’t have to pump the gas pedal to fire it up as Holley hooked this restomod up with its Sniper EFI intake and coils.

Do you like to row gears? We hope so as this grand-prize Sting Ray is backed by a Silver Sport Perfect Fit five-speed transmission that brings the shifter handle to the factory-correct position for the best possible fit and a billet shifter tower for short, crisp shifts. The manual transmission model? It’s a Tremec TKX, considered by today’s builders as the go-to transmission for mid-year Corvette restomods.

Van Steel and QA1 Suspension - Wilwood Brakes

Thanks to our friends at Van Steel, the Corvette suspension specialists since 1977, this grand-prize restomod Corvette excels in ride quality and handling.

The Van Steel tubular front coilover system helps provide better geometry for highway stability. The tubular control arms are lighter than factory stamped units and the sway bar has adjustable heim end links so you can adjust the length for ride-height setup. The rear coilovers provide dramatically better ride quality and increase handling by removing any weight transfer from the OE-style transverse leaf spring. This setup allows for a rare combo, increasing the midyear Corvette’s handling while also making it ride much better.

QA1 generously provided made-in-the-USA Proma Star single-adjustable coilovers (front/rear) for a substantial upgrade to the ride quality and performance. Plus, they make the car more responsive in the corners.

If you’re a midyear Corvette fan, you may recall that it wasn’t until 1965 that four-wheel discs became standard. To get this restomod up to the stopping power that driving in today’s traffic demands, Van Steel installed a Wilwood four-wheel disc system including calipers, rotors, master cylinder and proportioning valve. The DB-8 calipers are specifically engineered for classic Corvettes and feature forged billet aluminum bodies, stainless steel pistons and high temperature seals that put an end to the rust, bore pitting, and seal failures that plague the original cast iron caliper design.

Al Knoch Interior - Dakota Digital Gauges

This grand-prize restomod Sting Ray features a beautiful, all-new interior from Al Knoch Interiors, where, for over 40 years, Corvette owners have turned to for the standard of excellence in exact original reproduction interiors. The Al Knoch Custom Shop worked with the Dream Giveaway Garage for the show-stopping interior on this restomod ’63 Sting Ray featuring black leather with blue stitching. What does made-in-the-USA premium quality like this cost? We will put it this way. The custom leather cost more than the sticker price of a 1963 Corvette when it was new!

Dakota Digital provided its Retro RTX line of midyear Corvette gauges and clock. They look just like the factory originals when the ignition (or accessory switch) is turned off, but shine with the glow of LED backlights and operate with the modern dependability.

Vintage Air SureFit Gen IV Climate Control

Vintage Air provided its SureFit Gen IV air-conditioning kit for this classic Sting Ray. It is the highest performance and most complete, bolt-in climate control system available for classic and late model muscle cars and restomods. All SureFit systems provide full OEM-style operations including air conditioning, floor or vent exit heating and a powerful dehumidified defroster. To retain a factory look, rotary potentiometer controls with matching knobs install in the OEM dash bezels, and under-dash louver assemblies capture the look of the original factory a/c Corvette pods. Features of the electronically controlled system include variable speed fan control, separate a/c and heater coils with infinite blend door adjustment for “just-right”-temperatures year-round, and high-volume dehumidified defrost mode.

Classic Looks - Modern Performance

Classic looks. Modern performance. This is the midyear Corvette you’ve always dreamt of owning, but could only dream of because of the going prices of restomod Corvettes in today’s collector car hobby.

Don’t wait any longer. Make this lil’ blue Corvette restomod yours.

Remember, we will also pay out $50,000 for the prize taxes if you’re the winner.

Enter now.

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1963 Sting Ray Details 1963 Sting Ray Details