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2018 SRT Demon Details
2018 SRT Demon Details
2018 SRT Demon Details
2018 SRT Demon Details

Hear the Mighty Rumble of this Dodge Demon's Engine

Enter To Win an 840-HP Dodge Demon Muscle Car

Ultimate Power. Ultimate Performance. Ultimate Collectability.

It is time to conquer the daily-driver blues.

And what better way than a limited-edition 2018 Dodge Demon pumping out an earth-shattering 840 horsepower from the factory!

(Thanks to the Demon crate and the factory-supplied PCM, which is included to the winner, this grand-prize Demon has the maximum horsepower available from the factory! Demons without the Demon crate are 808-hp.)

In 2018, Dodge produced the fastest supercharged V-8 muscle car ever built – the Dodge Demon.

With nearly double the horsepower of the HEMIs of the original muscle car era, the Dodge Demon quickly became a “must-have” amongst muscle-car collectors, who seek out what many consider to be THE most important muscle car in Dodge history!

Now it’s your turn. This grand-prize 2018 Dodge Demon is ready to go home with you when you help out charity today with your donation to win.

If you love Dodge Hellcats, you'll really love this Dodge Demon with barely 8,000 miles on it. Keep reading to learn more and how you can win!

Big Horsepower. Super Low Miles. Plus, the Demon Crate

Dodge built this incredibly potent Dodge Demon with Pitch Black paint, a black Laguna leather/Alcantara interior (including optional rear seat!), and comfort audio group.

Cool features include a 6.2L Supercharged HEMI V-8 Demon engine, Air Grabber hood, Demon serialized dash plaque and 18-inch wheels.

It is serialized as #1125 produced.

In addition to this grand-prize Dodge Demon, the winner will bring home the highly collectible Demon crate, which includes seven trackside tools, front runner drag wheels, a high-octane performance powertrain control module and more!

Plus, we will pay $24,000 in prize taxes for the winner!

Just Added: The winner will receive an assortment of Race Gas products to unleash the full 840 horsepower of the Dodge Demon!

Veterans and kids are counting on you. Enter now.

“The Dodge Demon could sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 2.3 seconds and to this day it is the only production muscle car that could lift its front wheels off the ground during acceleration.” – Dream Giveaway Garage

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SRT Demon Dream Giveaway

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