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1,020-Horsepower Tesla Details
1,020-Horsepower Tesla Details
1,020-Horsepower Tesla Details
1,020-Horsepower Tesla Details

Win a 1,020 HP 2024 Tesla Model S

Horsepower is king, right? That’s why we have brought back our Tesla Dream Giveaway with the chance for you to win one of the top-quickest production cars being built in America this year — the 2024 Tesla Model S Plaid.

Unless you drive top-fuel dragsters for a living, the Tesla Model S Plaid crushes everything you’ve ever experienced in a car. Zero to 60 mph in 1.99 seconds. Quarter mile in 9.23 seconds at 155 mph. Top speed of 200 miles per hour.

Can you believe we live in a world where you can own a 1,020 horsepower daily driver with air conditioning, power windows, a 22-speaker sound system and autopilot? Well, here we are!

We special ordered this 2024 Tesla Model S Plaid with Deep Blue Metallic paint, black/white premium interior, yoke steering wheel and autopilot. It has an MSRP of $100,380.

And since we want your new ride to be unique, we added stylish enhancements to make this tarmac-taming Tesla S truly one of a kind.

We’ve included a home charger with the grand-prize so juicing up is easy, too. You’ll never have to pull out your credit card at a gas pump again.

Help out our charities today with your donation and you’ll be in it to win it.

Veterans and children’s charities are counting on you. Enter now.

Performance car! Luxury sedan! Adrenaline Rush! All of the above!

Remember your first time in a big-block Chevy or a Hemi-powered Dodge – the adrenaline rush of being thrown forcefully back into your seat the second the stoplight turned green? It made you love performance, right?

This grand-prize 1,020-hp 2024 Tesla Model S Plaid is ready to re-write your definition of fun behind the wheel. From the first time you hit the throttle, you’ll discover that it doesn’t take a big block to put a big smile on your face.

So how about charging? Is it fast? Is it easy? Of course, it is. This grand-prize Tesla Model S Plaid can get you anywhere you want to go. Manhattan to Boston, Austin to Dallas, Miami to Orlando. These are examples of the 359-mile range of this new Tesla. Tesla has the world’s largest and most powerful fast charging network with over 6,000 supercharger stations and 55,000 chargers from coast to coast where you can relax, recharge, and grab a quick bite to eat. A full charge costs between $20 and $30 on average, which is less than half the cost of gasoline.

Are you ready for what may be the most fun part of winning this Tesla Model S Plaid? Bring it to the racetrack and beat nearly anything that tries to get down the strip quicker.

We promise you the time of your life driving your new Tesla Model S Plaid. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re like us, you love horsepower and you’re sick of the price of gasoline. All it takes is one lucky ticket to win.

Enter now.