1,020-Horsepower Tesla Details

“The Tesla Model S is one of the most influential, important vehicles produced this century.” – CNBC

Enter to Win a 1,020 Horsepower 2024 Tesla Model S Plaid

Are you looking for a new way to fuel your dreams? Our popular Tesla Dream Giveaway is back and this time it is more powerful than ever. Enter to win a 1,020-horsepower 2024 Tesla Model S Plaid. Plus, we pay $27,000 for taxes.

Keep reading to learn more about this go-fast, gas-free grand-prize and how you can say goodbye to the gas pump forever when you enter to win!

One of the Top Two Quickest Accelerating Production Cars on Earth

Zero to 60 in 1.99 seconds. Quarter mile in 9.23 seconds at 155 mph. Up until recently, the Tesla Model S Plaid had the quickest acceleration of any production car on earth. (The Lucid Air Sapphire with 1,234 horsepower recently bested it with an 8.94 second e.t.)

The Tesla Model S Plaid accelerates quicker than a Corvette Z06, a Hellcat and a GT500. Amongst gas-powered performance vehicles, only a Dodge Demon 170 will give it a run for its money! And for those who measure performance against the world’s quickest exotics, Motor Trend reports that the Tesla Model S Plaid outperforms the Ferrari Le Ferrari and a Porsche 918.

How does it do it? This grand-prize 2024 Tesla Model S Plaid puts the horsepower to the wheels with Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive that can maintain 1,000-plus horsepower all the way to 200 miles per hour. It’s insane technology that translates into the most insanely fast vehicle you’d ever hope to experience.

It’s Got the Looks That Thrill

Tesla built this grand-prize Tesla Model S Plaid nicely optioned with Deep Blue Metallic paint with premium black and white with carbon fiber décor interior, a panoramic glass roof, upgraded factory wheels, autopilot and a 22-speaker sound system. And because we want this new Tesla to take first place in the looks that thrill department, we’ve upgraded it with carbon-fiber from the front to the rear and a lowered ride height for that just-perfect custom look.

Interior of the Future

One gaze at this Tesla’s interior and the phrase science fiction might just come to mind. All dash controls operate from the steering wheel or the 17-inch touchscreen (which Tesla says provides a cinematic experience for gaming, movies and more.)

And then there’s the steering wheel … or the lack of one. In its place is a yoke, which Tesla describes as a bold new approach giving you a true connection to the car, offering better steering feel and unobstructed views of your dash and the road ahead. Push button turn signals located on the center of the yoke bring up a video screen that displays the lane you are turning into. Science fiction indeed!

Standard premium interior accoutrements include ventilated seats, tri-zone temperature controls, a second row with seating for three adults (with extra legroom, headroom and a stowable armrest with integrated storage and wireless charging) and a 22-speaker, 960-watt audio system (with Active Road Noise Reduction for immersive listening and studio-grade sound quality).

There’s plenty of storage too. With front and rear trunks and fold-flat seats you can fit your bike without taking the wheel off—and your luggage too.

Tesla Performance versus Muscle Car Performance Explained

How does the new Tesla Model S Plaid beat the muscle car at its own game?


The Tesla is rated at 1,020 horsepower at the wheels. Instead of an internal combustion engine, it employs a Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive with three electric motors delivering independent traction to both front and rear wheels. Its all-electronic acceleration is a science fiction dream turned into reality.

Check Out These Futuristic Factory Options

• Plaid
• 21” Arachnid Wheels
• Black/White Premium Interior with Carbon Fiber Décor
• Deep Blue Metallic premium paint
• Yoke steering wheel
• Autopilot

Plus, Custom Modifications from the Dream Giveaway Garage

• Carbon-fiber side skirts by Viento
• Carbon-fiber front spoiler by Viento
• Carbon-fiber front end inlay
• Carbon-fiber fog-light canards
• Carbon-fiber turn-signal overlays
• Carbon-fiber mirror cap
• Carbon fiber center wheel hubs
• Unplugged Performance lowering kit
• Aluminum badge trunk emblem
• Aluminum forged wheel spacers

This grand-prize 2024 Tesla Model S Plaid is waiting to go to one lucky person and we want it to be you. So, what are you waiting for? Veterans and children’s charities are counting on you. Enter now.

1,020-Horsepower Tesla Details 1,020-Horsepower Tesla Details 1,020-Horsepower Tesla Details 1,020-Horsepower Tesla Details 1,020-Horsepower Tesla Details